Making a Medium Steak Out of Him 

One of my many responsibilities as a foodie is to ensure that the food others eat is succulent, and done right. Therefore one of my favorite activities is converting the medium-well steak eaters into medium or under cooked juicy beef meats.

The question, am I successful?

Answer, ALWAYS.

The challenge  in the Virgin Islands is that culturally people view meat that isn’t cooked all the way through as an abomination. However, nutritionally speaking steak in temperatures under medium well retain the essential nutrients of the protein you consume. Whereas as the well done steak cooks out the nutrients in the meat leaving you with nothingness.

Don’t believe check out facts –>


Try your steak medium, you will enjoy it better because …

  1. It will be juicier
  2. It will digest better
  3. And the seasoning\nutrients will enthrall and complete you

Lesson = don’t do this

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