Emerald Beach Resort -Sunday Fun/Day

Because going to the beach on a Sunday is a must, but more importantly, while working my abs, legs, and arms with breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle aquatic exercises, I came to Emerald Beach Resort St. Thomas to quench my thirst, and palette while relaxing, exercising, and taking a swim.

And….Here are my thoughts:

1-2pm Lunch/Drinks at the bar: MY FAVORITE = Rum Punch 

  • Why? Because not only was it strong and engagingly delicious, but it was STRONG and engagingly delicious!

Food Choices (also during the same time period) ****(thats 4 stars) – I give to the Scallop Po-Boy Sandwich

  • Why? Because…
    1. 1st-of all, this is not New Orleans it is the Virign Islands and the fact that I could even find a Po-Boy is frankly facinating
    2. 2nd-of all, having been to New Orleans this particular Po-Boy was made with the right bread and right consistency of creole sauce, to land an A+ for the seasoned and lightly fried scallop ratio.
    3. 3rd-of all, the scallops were large and fresh allowing a complete cover and acute circumferance around the sandwich, that allowed me as the eater to eat the actual scallop and not just the bread
    4. 4th-of all, it was accompanied with fries that were pepperred and perfectly crispy to give you the entire-i-am-eating-a-good-sandwich-experience

Conclusion: Enjoyed it and recommend it before and after a nice swim 


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