Stuffed Grouper w/ Pineapple Mango Risotto & Asparagus

Because your to the end of your work day…..

But actually only really thinking of your dinner

So what you should do, is not order this dish.

The Breakdown 

-The play of a tropical fruit sauce infused risotto really just sounds good

  • In real life the risotto was too sweet for the entre and not the dessert portion of this meal
  • The risotto itself was dry and missed the mark, of a moist and… melt-in-your-mouth risotto dish.

-Well there is always veggies! Nutritious and delicious?

  • WRONG, The asparagus in terms of aesthetics looked like it was dying across a carbed full plate of rice.
  • Plus side it still tasted like asparagus, downside, charred to a certain point really signifies “burnt”

-Now onto the fish 🐟, Grouper, that could work and stuffed with crab, should = yum?

  • WRONG AGAIN, if stuffing your grouper means you will serve this fish dry to me for the sake of the crab you baked inside, then leave out the crab
  • if your crab really tastes like flour and added thanksgiving stuffing in January, but not actually crab, then also leave the crab out

Take Away

  1. Fresh Caribbean Fish should never be dry
  2. Risotto by definition is not dry, don’t confuse it for rice
  3. asparagus takes 2 mins to grill without burning, so just watch it in the pot
  4. Go back to work

These dinner time horror stories brought to you in part by

Caribbean Fusion Restaurant and Bar, St. Thomas VI


Which I recommend for alternative eats:

Emerald Beach Resort -Sunday Fun/Day

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