VI Super Bowl



The thing about prepping for Super Bowl Sunday is….you can’t have enough chicken!

However, for Virgin Islanders the little bitty chicken wing, is frankly, just not enough.

So let’s talk about grilling the BIG STUFF

Introducing: The Chicken Leg, The Chicken Thigh, The Chicken Breast, and a Whole Bunch of Chicken 

Breakdown: All the above are good to grille, better to eat, but here are my highlights of them all-

  • Chicken Leg: the easiest to pick up and hold in your hand, boasts the most dark juicy meat with a moderate amount of calories
  • Chicken Thigh: the LARGEST sporting skin and dark meat, often maligned as being unhealthy, but actually has the same nutritional content as other cuts
  • Chicken Breast: the most healthy, often referred to as the most versatile, consists of white meat with very little fat 
  • Whole Bunch of Chicken: although each of the above have their own calorie breakdown the point is even if you were eating let’s say…..

chicken feet 

 You are still coming out the game feeling good and full.

Adding In the Grille: You get a charcoal, smokey and woody tender taste added to your chicken, that you can top off with any sauce or marinade depending on your occasion.

Take Away: Kick off with a drumstick!

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