Stuffing You Up

Although I may be out of the Virgin Islands it doesn’t mean I am not thinking of it!

So before I write my opening statements let me “Stuff” your food palate up.

One of my favorite classic Virgin Island dishes is “Cruzan (or Crucian) Stuffing” or in St. Thomas and St. John just “Stuffing”. Our three islands may differ on flavors of this dish in terms of sweetness, colors, and amounts of raisins added, BUT the outcome is still the same…it’s DELICIOUS.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the dish and it’s use, here is the breakdown:

It’s a carb

It’s most often eaten with rice

It can be spicy and sweet

It is made with potato

It is nothing like turkey stuffing

It is similar in taste to sweet potato mash

You can find it in any VI local food shop

These are the highlights, but if your mouth is still watering, take a look at some recipes and demos:

Cruzan Potato Stuffing 

Crucian Potato Stuffing

Caribbean Potato Stuffing

Potato Stuffing The Video

Take Away
“Stuffing yourself will make you happy “

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