Island Hop Till You Drop

The Ferry Is Back ! And it’s Called “QE IV”

It’s new, it’s improved, and it’s not that huge. In fact, it looks a little bizzare and from appearances alone may leave your nerves to initially scream-questionable?

You may have asked (because so did I): Why does it look like that ? Why is it so small? Will that thing topple over?

All fair questions! But if Grandma can do it (featured here smiling and exiting the not-so-scary-in-real-life-boat) then frankly so can you…

Now here is the personal inside scoop into the experience, of a sleek cozy interior and smooth sailing. 

Top 5 Reasons Why The New QE4 Ferry = Awesome

  1. It’s bright yellow and comfortable seating does not leave you wet, or strike a cause for any concern.
  2. Beverages and snacks are provided for low $1 prices.
  3. The sailing (as this is what it feels like) and scenery are beautiful as well as smoothe, relaxing, and calming.
  4. Your mobile device (with AT&T) works all the way through, so you don’t have to really pay attention to anything else (however here is what you are missing).
  5. You can pre-book online or at the boat for the same price of $50 one-way, which beats the prices of all other transportion choices between St. Thomas and St.Croix! 

So what’s my overall rating ? I give it 5 stars as I was a concerned citizen prior to embarking, and now I am disembarking: A True Fan!In fact, I further rate this form of transportation a “blast“, and will coin it the “New Caribbean Water Train”

It’s the subway, metro, and greyhound of the U.S. Virgin Islands and it gets no better than that!

Start booking now…

Take Away

“Throw away your buddy pass, because boats are the new trains, and the only way to truly live is by Island hop” 

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