Ting ………. Piano Sing

Are you familiar with the Caribbean carbonated soda pop that has been a staple to the lives of kids and kid-adults for years?

The green Jamaican grapefruit flavored “Ting” is the name, and bringing happiness to the lives of fellow wo/man is its game.

And now….to my surprise! There is more than one flavor!

Pink “Ting” means now you can have more than one “Ting” at a time. If your into grapefruit as a flavor then A Ting & Ting is just what you need:

Now here is where to find it …

The Keys – Dueling Pianos St. Thomas 

Not only a home to “Ting” but to everything, and features the following: 

  • Wine and cocktail bar
  • Casino
  • Lounge
  • Dancing
  • Live music

But what is more important about the Piano Bar is its talented musicians who, in addition to playing your favorite Disney Songs, also Beep Box while playing the Piano! 

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself…


Take Away 

“If a Ting selling establishment beep boxes Prince then plays Little Mermaid songs on a Friday night, and grown people sing along to it, what you have found is -AWESOMENESS.” 

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