The Whisky vs. Tequila Dilema

Now here is “the” heated discussion. Outside the realm of the Rum World, which we all as Virgin Islanders subscribe to, there is battle going on between what liquor hits the glass harder. Let discuss:


On side Dark, I personally put up Knob Creek as a solid defender. I choose dark for delivery because it is


Oak flavored 

Mixes well with others 

Full bodied

Strong, but not harsh 


Shown above as 100 proof, I believe it gets the job done, and does so nicely. It also most importantly, allows you to wake up in the morning. It may, or may not, depending on the amount of your intake, allow you to function properly as a human being.


Side light, and as its name entails packs a mean punch that personally for me, sails me out the room. Here are its advantages, which can also be read as disadvantages, depending on the time of day chosen for consumption:

Morning – (first of all what were you thinking ) Can easily be confused for water 

Afternoon – (second of all what were you thinking, this may kill you if you proceed)  Hides well when mixed with any beverage, is hard to detect, and also appears to be absent as you drink something delicious 

Night-(third of all what were you thinking, this will kill you) Increases your social skills and anger skills, but may also make you think your a superhero, even if you are not 

Shown above as only one shot because as explained above, this stuff can and will kill you ! So it packs maybe too many punches, but is passed around to all friends and family frequently anyway. Can you work the next day on it? It’s Debatable.


Take Away

It may be a tie but tequila more than whisky makes you fly


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