Agricultural Fair Day One

St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands biggest food, produce, and cultural festival, is the Agricultural Fair.

There is no other event that showcases the whole island, it’s art, crafts, and every natural resource it has to offer, more than this three day event in February during Presidents Day weekend.

If you have never been, your life is incomplete, because at the Fair you will find all of the following

  • Best food

  • Best desserts

  • Best Caribbean Chefs (every island is represented)

  • Best plants and all farm products (food you have never seen before)

  • Best fruits and vegetables

  • Best local fresh made drinks

  • Best local talent and businesses

  • Best Quelbe music



County fair meet the Virgin Islands, which has made it a tradition to re-discover its own island every year.

Take Away 

This is just day one…

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