Agricultural Fair Day Two

Packed with individuals from all over the Caribbean, on day two of Agricultural Fair I explored….”food behind the counter”.

These counter shots were all I could ascertain, because the vast containers maintaining even more delicious eats were closed or hidden behind the lines of eaters waiting to devour the contents.

Nonetheless, the featured counter shots are, some of the staples of our most common Virgin Island food finds.

Starting with….

  • Johnny Cake – dough, love in a frying pan, and laughter 

  • Fried Chicken-everyone does it, and everyone loves it 

  • Pot Fish – the freshest catch of the day fried to your stomach’s delight of perfection 

Notwithstanding being limited to the  outside glass in viewing all the above scrumptious morsels, I found my own gem. Featured in the plastic container and looking straight at you is the fish they call – Jax’s

  • Jax’s – are the tiniest little locally caught fish that you could use as bait, but instead we eat them whole, chewing and swallowing even the bones

Take Away 

Why not eat it all, because not even bones need to be your boundary 

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