Agricultural Fair Day Three

The final, and last lap of the Agricultural Fair on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, requires that you come prepared.

This means that you are willing, able, and ready to arrive at the fair before 12pm, with a “tote bag” in hand. In your tote bag, that you will fill to the brim, there should be one of each essential Cruzan (native of St. Croix) food dish. That means that, if you have done the job right, you will have a special and delicious treat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So, to you I introduce the contents of my tote bag:

Breakfast  – Crab Stuffed Pate: known in many Spanish regions as the empanada, Cruzan Pate is fried dough filled with various stuffings, but in Agricultural Fair you will find rare stuffings such as crab. 

Lunch Sprout and Conch Salad: Sprout fishes are even smaller than Jaxs (see Agricultural Fair Day Two for more details) they can fit in the palm of your hand and, like Jaxs, you can eat them whole except it only takes one gulp…Conch, found within the conch shell you see beneath the sea, is a snail larger than escargot, and is far more tasty. Conch is also one of the Virgin Island’s best dishes and can be found and cooked in a variety of different forms. 

Dinner Stew Goat, Season Rice, Macaroni, Stuffing, Potato Salad, and Coleslaw: obviously one side dish is not enough, when shopping at Agricultural Fair. The truth is you really do get a little bit of everything. However what is important to note, is that each ingredient, meat, side and seasoning is freshly made, grown, and produced on the lovely island of St. Croix. 

Take Away 

What’s good at Agricultural Fair on St. Croix U.S.V.I. ? EVERYTHING 

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