The Tales of “Fish Tails”

Travel with me to happy hour on the East side of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and what will you find?img_4206

Towards the end of Red Hook, abutted by a sea of ships and sails, will be…..


Fish Tails Bar & Grille 

Sporting a spectacular range of seafood dishes, this restaurant packs several sturdy punches of delicious bites as soon as you hit the door. Although their dinner menu is full of many edible sea creatures that I personally take a delight in eating, my tale is about this restaurant’s phenomenal Happy Hour. 

Note: If you’re like me and order every single item on the Happy Hour menu, because it is not only economical it is delicious, then this place and this blog is just for you

My tale begins with LIBATIONS….(as all adult tales naturally do)

  • Fish Tails packs a punch in the liquid diet, because their bartenders and waitresses encourage and support all your drinking habits. My tastes from the Happy Hour Menu featured:
    • Strong Stoli Moscow Mules
    • Stronger Oyster Shooters
  • Fun Fact- In this tale where the main character was still thirsty and exercised her option to add in the, “Classy White Wine Approach” Fish Tails  delivered a fortified promise, that her glass and your glass would always be full. 

Then all the princesses and princes had to EAT….(because it’s only Happy Hour until 6pm unless you order enough food to last you until 9pm)

  • Fish Tails Happy Hour food menu packs even more punches than their drinks, by combining: everything you want with everything you need. My table full of their entire Happy Hour Menu featured:
    • A dozen fresh Oysters 
    • More than a dozen fresh Muscles 
    • Bacon wrapped Chicken Jalapeno bites
    • Bacon stuffed Tatter Tots 
    • Fish Tacos 
  • Fun Fact- All these dishes will take up your entire table, and all these dishes are delicious.

And in the end no one had time for dessert because they were all FULL AND LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER….(the end? well at least until I stop by again for actual dinner)

Take Away 

Don’t just be happy to eat, eat happy, in an hour, and order everything to get the job done.

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