Le St. Tropéz-To Ciboné

As I head back to the birth place, of St. Croix where the hills are a little smaller and the farms are just larger, I’m happily nostalgic about a French restaurant I use to know.

Housed in the alley of Frederiksted town on King Street, across from the convenience store and to the left of Pier 69 was….Le St. Tropéz 


What was one of the top fine dinning restaurants in the West End, Le St. Tropéz boasted some of the best French bread, was the first place I tasted escargot, and created homemade salad dressings on top of the best blue cheese salad that I have ever had to this day. I pay homage to this gem of a restaurant that brought color and excellence in French dinning to the West End Streets of St. Croix U.S.V.I.

But now the millennials are in town…and they have created their own spin, jazzing up what was once a French eatery, with local cooking styles, and fresh ingredients that come straight out of the sea, farms and earth of West End St. Croix.

The new name is- Ciboné


And here is a new list of what they have brought to the table

  • Craft cocktails  – infused with fresh local juices and made from fruits found on the Virgin Islands.
  • New menu options everyday – menu is never the same and changes based on what is fresh that day, and what is caught that day.
  • Seafood – straight from the Fisherman’s net to your plate is your only option, but trust me they make it look fantastic.
  • Ambiance – live band, lounge chairs, quaint, cute, laid back, it’s every bit a place to relax while you eat, and after you eat.

But now back to the food, because what does it look like ? Here is a sneak peek:

Take Away 

“You don’t have to forget the past, but there is beauty in new things that can and should be done in the future…”

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