St. Paddy’s Day “The” St. Croix VI Fest 

Have you been to your local bar, restaurant, lounge, and or house party sporting your green?

Have you looked for a shamrock and found your Jameson shots together with some glow sticks and hats, so you believe that you have fully celebrated St. Patrick’s day? 

Do you think you went hard? Well…

I am here to tell you that you haven’t gone hard enough, drank enough, danced enough, IMG_4579or worn enough assortments of glowing and blaring greens….until you’ve attended St. Paddy’s day on St. Croix!

What does the Virgin Islands offer for the Irish and everyone else on St. Paddy’s day?

Let’s show you how to get over the rainbow and find a pot of gold…”Island Style”

5 Reasons to Attend St. Patrick’s Day on St. Croix, U.S.V.I. 

  1. All Day Parade With Live Music & Dancing…
  2. Boat and land parties for over 24hr periods…
  3. Unlimited food and drink…

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  4. Crowds of people to celebrate with from all around the world…IMG_4537
  5. And beaches to wash it all down when your done….because this is…#islandlife


Take Away

“That’s how you get to the end of the Rainbow 🌈 “

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