The Lunchbox is Back! 

Sitting in your chair at work (hopefully twirling around) and wondering why doesn’t anyone pack lunches anymore ?

Lunchboxes were a staple of all of our lives once, but what did they really symbolize?


It’s simple “The Lunchbox” means that, someone else made and packed that food FOR YOU. The Lunchbox eliminates all other steps, and leaves just the part where you simply eat…

So basically getting a lunchbox is the ultimate way to keep your self –

1) stress free, 2) full, and 3) lazy !

Now ask yourself…where do I get the present day Lunchbox today, as a grown adult ?  I’ll tell you where…

Ms. Julius $5 Dollar, Homemade and

Hand Delivered, img_4855Friday Lunchboxes

Quick How-To-Guide to bring The Lunchbox back into your life:

  1. Look at the menu choices which will be sent, via text message
  2. Pick your favorite food item from the list
  3. Text Ms. Julius the item, and the number of Lunchboxes you desire
  4. Text Ms. Julius where you are located
  5. And PRESTO! Like magic the food will show up at the door, in a box, which you will open with joy !

Here is a preview of past Friday Lunchbox Menus…

Here is what $5 dollar can get you…

Sign up by texting Ms. Julius at the number provided below and UPGRADE your life RIGHT NOW – +1 (340) 244-1637

Take Away

“If mommy doesn’t pack your lunch then, as an adult, you should pay someone who will.”

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